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      Tulpa | Dusha projects are two worlds, expressed by Anna Martinova, DJ, music producer and graphic designer. Original from Baltic Sea, born in Dobele, Latvia. DJ career started in 2000, playing styles like Dark Psychedelic Trance, Tech Trance, Old School Goa Trance. Dark Progressive Anna started to play around 2014th, since then this style is what Tulpa is known with.

      Producing music started parallel, interest in DAWs as Cubase, Reason, Ableton brought Anna to SAE institute. After getting Electronic Music Producer diploma in 2012, Anna expresses her passion to melodic and deep journeys, starting MM - Micro Monkey project. MM harmonically transforms into Dusha project. Dusha 'Душа' means Soul in Russian language, songs that are singed by Anna, echo with Russian folk singings. 


      " ..I harmonize noise, adding melodies and singing out what is on my heart. Sometimes lyrics come in a moment of time, unpredictable. One song can give life to another, one loop can inspire to write a new song."


     Martinova works by generating WAV files in Kyma, arranging them in Logic, adding melodic lines created with Alchemy, and finally layering in recorded vocals using Logic. 


     "..Kyma (Pacarana) is a very special tool, i am happy to be introduced to this system. Kyma modules were used to create famous Borg voice of Star Trek, or Eva's robotic tune in Wall'e. Kyma boosts up my creativity, inspiring me in every sound atom i generate with it, and the machine is limitless. The quality i have on the output is so powerful, clean and unique. I grow with it."


      Beside artistic expression, the  girl expands her field of activity, creating sample banks, interested in film, computer games and mobile applications audio performance. Anna's side passion is graphic design, expressed through Adobe Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro. She is author of many festival posters, advertisement works and album covers. 


Studio Setup


MacOS Mojave

Motu Ultra MK3

Adam A3X

Rode NT1 - A

Kyma (Pacarana) 7.1


Logic Pro X

Epsilon Modular Synthesizer System

Elektron Octatrack

Moog Mother 32 x 2


Make Noise Echophon

Roland A-49 Midi Keyboard Controller

Roland Ayra System One



Bastl MicroGranny 2.0

Bastl Kastl

Korg Volca Beats

Korg Volca FM

Mackie Mix 12 FX

AKG Perception Live P5


 DJ Gear (Home Setup)


Dateq XTC

Pioneers CDJ - 350





BioMechanix Rec. (Mexico)

Ovnimoon Rec. (USA)

ShamanElectro Rec. (USA)