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Latest Modular Live recording from home studio.

Dusha is preparing new release album called 'Genuine'. Planned to be published in 2019, yet first track from the album with a name 'Words' is published on Youtube Channel:

Dusha* project was born around 2015. Tendency to layer ambient and chill out moods as a reflection of inner states created this project. First step in this direction Martinova made around 2011, creating MM (Micro Monkey) project. As MM she released first album - Night Guard.




Adding vocals to the music Anna produced completely changed the spectrum of expressed emotions.  Lyrics come in the moment of time, revealing feelings and thoughts. Recorded, they are processed, and often, certain sequence is born out of recorded feeling.  That's why the MM changed into Dusha - meaning Soul journeys.

Dusha released first album - White Dreams on Mexican BioMechanix Records,  in 2015. Some songs from this album:


Second release Dusha II is opened by American - Chile record label Ovnimoon. First video of this album was made for a song "Over the Window" featuring fractal worlds of Julius Horsthuis:

In between Ovnimoon Records released Silver River EP, a crossing between 2 releases. 

Vocal stories often come out as Russian folk singings, lyrics are improvised in the moment, often revealing messages, dreams or even painful moments.  

Dusha music is also revealing momental states, moods, subliminal micro moments of truth, or sometimes even just a tweak of sounds - as far as it can go. Martinova wants to expand Dusha sound activity and express further soundscapes in 5.1 format. Having Kyma Pacarana  in Dusha production opens many doors towards expression in a form of sound stories. Anna publishes current experiments on her SoundCloud page.

Dusha is performed live, with tendency towards ambient or minimal techno in improvisation mode.  


*Душа [ Dusha ] - RUS meaning: Soul - In many religious, philosophical and mythological traditions, the soul is the incorporeal essence of a living being. Source: Wikipedia